• Before pregnancy any vitamins deficiency and any infection specially on vaginal area should be treated .
  • Start folic acid three months before getting pregnant and continue for the first trimester of pregnancy to prevent neural birth defects .
  • During pregnancy use vitamins especially for the pregnant women
    You may need laxative and antiemetics during first trimesters .
  • Its prefer to use topical oil from the first trimesters until delivery to prevent stretch marks .
  • Use omega-3 during pregnancy and lactation improves neurodevelopmental outcomes in the child its critical building blocks of fetal brain and retina.
  • During second and third trimester you may need to use antacids for stomach burn .
  • Eats healthy food and add more fibers to your diet
  • Avoid vitamin A and foot contain vitamin A like carrot and animals liver .
  • After delivery use vitamins for supporting breastfeeding like fenugreek supplement
  • And treat any vitamins deficiency .
  • For your child :
    Use vitamin D drops and zinc drops for immunity
    Consult your pharmacist before using any medication for you and for your child .

اسئله واجوبه

  • Apply emollient creams, such as lanolin-based creams ,
  • Avoid wearing bras that are too tight
  • Use medical body wash for bathing
  • Frequently change breast pads .
  • Use medical cream and medical body wash especially for infant’s eczema
  • You may need to apply topical corticosteroids with the cream .
  • Your pharmacist will help you for the proper treatment .

You can use breast pump support , manual pump or machine .