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8.800 د.ك
used daily, thanks to its Tea Tree, Aloe Barbadensis Leaf Juice Alpha-Glucan Oligosaccharide, Bisabolol, Sodium PCA, Panthenol content. Provides freshness and hygiene in daily face cleaning due to sensitive cleaning agents. Supports oil and moisture balance of the skin with its non-dehydrating formula. Mineaderm Tea Tree Face Wash provides renewal, freshness and a feeling of cleanness right from the moment it is used. Ph value is suitable for skin. Does not contain paraben, alcohol and soap. Test the product on your wrist before use.


18.850 د.ك
Biocyte acne expert is a dietary supplement for skin prone to acne, blackheads and pimples, as well as oily skin with bluish and shiny complexion. After 3 months of treatment, the production of sebum is regulated, the skin is sharper and the skin texture is visibly smoothed.

ACNE-TEC for skin care & for ACNE-prone skin

7.250 د.ك
Cream for skin care and for acne-prone skin

FLOSLEK – Skin Care Moist Concentrate

23.500 د.ك

MOIST Concentrate with hyaluronic acid should be the basis for the care of all skin types after the age of 25.  Active ingredients it contains deeply moisturize skin, restore its firmness and make wrinkles less visible. Since hyaluronic acid has unique ability to bind water in the skin, it helps fight the first signs of aging. Concentrate is characterized by a much higher concentration of active ingredients than traditional creams.  A few drops are enough to get maximum effects. Serum does not contain: SLES, SLS, alcohol, aluminum, dyes, soaps ,mineral oils, parabens, paraffin, sulfates, silicones, ingredients of animal origin


10.500 د.ك
Action: Toner is recommended for daily care and cleansing of mixed and oily skin, prone to acne and blackheads. Cleanses and refreshes the skin perfectly, prepares it for beauty treatments with cosmetics or for makeup. When applied regularly, the tonic– eliminates excess sebum, – contracts enlarged pores, – regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, – decreases the tendency to form blackheads, buttons, – brings the feeling of refreshment, – provides a soothing and calming effect.Effect: soft, hydrated, matte skin with a pleasant and healthy coloration. Acne lesions are less visible.

FLOSLEK – Balance T-Zone Clay cleanser

9.250 د.ك

FLOSLEK BALANCE T-zone Instant Detox 2in1 Kaolin face cleansing

clay for day and night is a dual-function cleansing and caring

preparation for oily and combination skin of the face, neck and décolleté.

Daily cleansing gives effect of perfectly clean and matte skin,

and application in the form of mask smoothes, detoxifies

and significantly improves skin condition.

Normalizes work of sebaceous glands, thanks to which it reduces

excessive secretion of sebum. Improves appearance of the skin,

reducing  skin "glow" and "shine". 

Has detoxifying and cleansing effect, reduces effect of tired skin.

Does not contain: SLES, SLS, alcohol, aluminum, ammonia, soaps,

mineral oils, paraffin, sulfates, ingredients of animal origin, fragrances

FLASLEK – Balance T-Zone Peeling with AHA acids

9.250 د.ك
Gommage peeling with acids AHA (pH 1.75 - 2.4) is an express peeling for all types of skin, even sensitive.After the first use deeply cleanses, removes calloused epidermis and reduces the feeling of roughness.Regularly used, it unblocks and reduces pores, reduces greasy skin and improves skin condition.Dermatologically tested. Vegan product.

FLOSLEK- Balance T-Zone Corrective Cream

28.600 د.ك

Night cream with acids cares for combination skin, oily in the T-zone ( forehead, nose, chin ) and often dry on the cheeks. Recommended for people of all ages, especially those who suffer from combination skin and acne. Cream restores balance between oily and dry parts of the skin and ensures optimal level of hydration in both areas. It is also a great acne cream - reduces visibility of imperfections, improves appearance  and condition of the skin - it becomes velvety smooth and brightened. Thanks to the combination of lactobionic acid and mandelic acid, night face cream (pH 3.5-4.5) gently exfoliates dead skin cells,  reduces formation of blackheads and reduces excessive secretion  of sebum in the T zone. Intensively moisturizes, stimulates production  of hyaluronic  acid and strengthens repair mechanisms . Cream does not contain: PEG, SLES, SLS , alcohol, aluminum, dyes, ammonia, soaps, mineral oils, parabens, paraffin, sulfates, fragrances

FLOSLEK – Balance T-Zone Normalizing Cream

15.600 د.ك
FLOSLEK BALANCE T-zone day cream effectively cares for combination skin, oily in the T-zone (forehead, nose, chin) and often dry on the cheeks. It restores balance between oily and dry parts of the skin and ensures optimal level of hydration in both areas. It reduces excess sebum, protects against dryness and improves the overall appearance. Cream is perfectly absorbed and consistency does not burden the skin. It can replace a moisturizing cream for acne-prone skin. Cream does not contain: SLES, SLS, alcohol, ammonia, dyes, soaps, mineral oils, paraben,s paraffin, sulfates, ingredients of animal origin,fragrances


26.000 د.ك
Moisturizer day cream contains an active form of vitamin C. Neutralizes free radicals and has a beneficial effect on collagen.

FLOSLEK – Renew argan+ anti-wrincle cream

19.500 د.ك
Anti-wrinkle cream Day 50+ (SPF 10). A cream with argan oil and hyaloronic acid, intended for care of the skin after the age of 50, requiring intensive nutrition and regeneration

FLOSLEK – Renew argan+ anti-wrincle oil

19.500 د.ك
Anti-wrinkle oil for the face, neck and neckline. Rich in precious, nutritious oils so it nourishes and smoothes the skin