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Dr. Fay – Cleansing Whitening Milk

10.750 د.ك
Whitening cleansing milk for face and neck.

PHARMACERIS – Whitening Clear Toner – Puri-Albucin II

11.950 د.ك
Restores the proper pH of the skin and effectively removes impurities and make-up.Features: Has Vitamin C from acerola extract reduces the intensity of skin discoloration. Your skin is lightened and refreshed. Soothes the skin and reduces hyperreactivity, provides proper hydration, eliminating the tight skin effect. High tolerance and efficacy, dermatologically tested Best use for daily cleansing and care for face skin. It is appropriate for skin of all ages.Ingredients : Acerola extract – a perfect antioxidant that protects the skin from the detrimental effects of environmental aggressors. It strengthens blood vessels and boosts skin cell renewal, at the same time reducing any redness. D-panthenol – gives a soothing and calming effect, and makes the skin less prone to hypersensitivity reactions. Glucam – a strongly binds moisture and maintains its optimum level in the epidermis for a long time. It smoothes out the skin and restores lost firmness and elasticity.How to use: Clean the face, apply the toner to a cotton pad, and gently wipe the skin of the face.

PHARMACERIS – Neocapillaries Soothing Redness Cleansing Gel

11.950 د.ك
Cleansing Gel removes impurities and makeup perfectly without the couperose to irritate the skin and dry.

PHARMACERIS – Rosacea Redness Reducing – Night Cream

19.750 د.ك
- 100% soothes and relieves skin irritations
- 100% prevents recurrence of redness
- 90% reduces burning and itching
- high tolerance and efficacy
- dermatologically tested

PHARMACERIS – Rosacea Multi-Soothing Day Cream

19.850 د.ك
A soothing and calming cream for dry, normal and sensitive skin with acne, rosacea and prone to redness.
- 84% moisturizes
- 70% reduces redness
- high tolerance and efficacy
- dermatologically tested

FOUF Dead Sea Bath Salt 250 g

2.750 د.ك
  It a powerful, mineral-rich 100% Natural Dead Sea Salt from the lowest place on Earth. Choose Fouf Dead Sea

DR.FAY foam cleanser for skin with acne 200 ml

12.100 د.ك
Foam cleanser for oily skin and acne .purifies, helps reduce excess sebum and reduces point blacks without irritating the skin .

DR.Fay tonic with vitamin B5.B6

10.750 د.ك
Tonic that complete facial cleansing by removing any remaining cleanser or dirt left on the skin .Natural extract content refresh and make the skin softer .WAY OF USE .apply on face and neck , clean and dry , with a cotton swab . 

Mineaderm Lightening Exfoliating Cleanser

11.050 د.ك
Prevents exfoliations caused by the dryness and clears the skin from roughness by means of cleansers which does not contain soap, moisturizers and delicate rubbing agents. It supports the skin for color balance by means of skin tone regulators. It revitalizes the skin and helps to obtain a glamorous appearance. / It is applied especially to moisturized skin in the face and neck region with a gentle massage every morning and evening. Rinse thoroughly after waiting for a while. Avoid contact with eye contour.


9.750 د.ك
FLOSLEK PharmaHYPOALLERGENIC LINEMILD FACE CLEANSING GEL for SENSITIVE SKINPanthenol 1%age: all agestype of skin: sensitivearea: face

Mineaderm Brightening Cleansing Foam

9.100 د.ك
MineadermBrighteningCleansingFoam is a daily sensitive face cleaning foam cleansing dirt and oil deeply which occur every day and water and soap cannot reach at .It supports clean and bright appearance by removing dull appearance Thanks to Amino acids, shea butter , linoleic acid, horse chestnut extract, grape seed extract and olive leaf extract, it cleans the skin deeply without drying and irritating. It consists of sensitive cleansers not including soap and not irritating the skin. It purifies and refreshes the skin by cleaning the residues of makeup, dirt and oil. SLS and SLES , paraben free.  Apply one or two pumps of foam to damp skin in circular motion. Scrub for a while and keep waiting. Rinse with plenty of water. It is suitable for all skin types.  Do not use in cleaning of eye area. Store at room temperature, keep out of reach of children.


9.700 د.ك
Mineaderm Tea Tree Face Wash, supports smooth appearance of the skin by helping prevent spotting of skin whenMineaderm Purifying Milk purifies the skin from dirt and make up residues thanks to the sensitive cleansers in its content. Thanks to bisabolol ve panthenol , it soothes the skin. It applies care and teraphy by supporting and moisturizing the skin thanks to herbal acid complex, powerful extract combination, moisturizing agents and vitamins. It helps the skin for tonifying the moisture barrier. It can be used easily for sensitive and dry skins. Apply it with the help of cotton in morning or at night before using tonic and other care products, rinse it after scrubbing for awhile. Do not use in cleaning of eye area. Store at room temperature, keep out of reach of children.