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15.600 د.ك
Purifying toner ideal for oily and combination skin types. It tightens pores, refines skin texture and eliminates shine leaving the skin clean, smooth and mattified.


19.750 د.ك
This hyaluronic acid rich balancing toner is perfect for hydrating plumping, revitalizing and brightening your skin. HOW TO USE : After cleansing, apply to fingertips or cleansing pad and gently sweep over face.


10.500 د.ك
Action: Toner is recommended for daily care and cleansing of mixed and oily skin, prone to acne and blackheads. Cleanses and refreshes the skin perfectly, prepares it for beauty treatments with cosmetics or for makeup. When applied regularly, the tonic – eliminates excess sebum, – contracts enlarged pores, – regulates the work of the sebaceous glands, – decreases the tendency to form blackheads, buttons, – brings the feeling of refreshment, – provides a soothing and calming effect. Effect: soft, hydrated, matte skin with a pleasant and healthy coloration. Acne lesions are less visible.

PHARMACERIS – Whitening Clear Toner – Puri-Albucin II

11.950 د.ك
Restores the proper pH of the skin and effectively removes impurities and make-up. Features: Has Vitamin C from acerola extract reduces the intensity of skin discoloration. Your skin is lightened and refreshed. Soothes the skin and reduces hyperreactivity, provides proper hydration, eliminating the tight skin effect. High tolerance and efficacy, dermatologically tested Best use for daily cleansing and care for face skin. It is appropriate for skin of all ages. Ingredients : Acerola extract – a perfect antioxidant that protects the skin from the detrimental effects of environmental aggressors. It strengthens blood vessels and boosts skin cell renewal, at the same time reducing any redness. D-panthenol – gives a soothing and calming effect, and makes the skin less prone to hypersensitivity reactions. Glucam – a strongly binds moisture and maintains its optimum level in the epidermis for a long time. It smoothes out the skin and restores lost firmness and elasticity. How to use: Clean the face, apply the toner to a cotton pad, and gently wipe the skin of the face.

PHARMACERIS – Neocapillaries Soothing Redness Cleansing Gel

11.950 د.ك
Cleansing Gel removes impurities and makeup perfectly without the couperose to irritate the skin and dry.

PHARMACERIS – Whitening Foam Face & Eye Cleansing

11.950 د.ك
  • Gentle Foam Is Recommended For Daily Cleansing Of The Face And Eye Area.
  • A Complex Of Active Ingredients Vitamin Pp, Acerola) Brightens The Skin And Evens Out The Skin Tone.
  • Effectively Cleanses The Skin, Removing Any Impurities And Make Up Residues

DR.Fay tonic with vitamin B5.B6

10.750 د.ك
Tonic that complete facial cleansing by removing any remaining cleanser or dirt left on the skin . HOW TO USE . Apply on face and neck , clean and dry , with a cotton pads .

Mineaderm sensitive hydrating tonic

7.800 د.ك
Moisturizing Tonic supports keeping moisture, renewing and refreshing of skin. As well as softing skin surface, it helps tightening pores. Thanks to its Amino acid complex, natural fruit acids, aloevera and powerful extract combination, it supports increasing the renewal speed of the skin. It removes the residues of cleaning and make up products, when used before other skin care products it helps lifting activeness of the skin care products. / For daily use. Apply it in morning and/or evening. Tonic is applied with the help of cotton and removes the latest make up residues. Do not use in cleaning of eye area. Store at room temperature, keep out of reach of children. Alcohol, paraben and colourant free.


12.000 د.ك
stabilizes skin's delicate pH levels to reduce excess oil production for a clear, matte complexion. Vitamin C promotes collagen synthesis as it diminishes hyperpigmentation and neutralizes free radicals. Antiseptic witch hazel purifies and minimizes pores while PCA provides lightweight hydration. Aloe vera soothes inflammation and evens skin tone.


7.800 د.ك
Mineaderm Anti-Shine Refreshing Tonic supports the skin against the problems such as brightening, irritancy and redness. Pureness Anti-ShineRefreshingtonic helps renewing, moisturizing and refreshing the skin, by cleansing deeply without drying and irritating, it helps prevent excessive oil fluctuation and acne. Thanks to its Amino acid complex, natural fruit acids, , aloevera ,niacinamide and powerful extract combination


10.750 د.ك
A lotion concentrated in Uriage Thermal Water that prepares skin for the subsequently applied day care. HOW TO USE : Spray onto a cotton pad or into your hands and then apply to the face underneath your daily skincare.