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19.500 د.ك
Natural sweetener that supports a healthy lifestyle. HOW TO USE : Take one spoon daily as needed . For adult and children age more than one years .

SOLARAY – Maca Root

15.750 د.ك
Used to enhance fertility and sex drive in both men and women . HOW TO USE : Take one capsule daily with a meal .

FADOMED – Ovulation Test

6.500 د.ك
One step ovulation test help to find the best time to become pregnant . Fast result , easy to use , 99% accurate . Follow the instruction on the packet.

VIVA MAX – Male sexual enhancer

20.500 د.ك
Vivamax is an advanced herbal formula designed to not only re-arouse your desire, libido and body during times of intimacy, but also to help with ED by increasing nitric oxide (NO) production (the principal agent responsible for erection). A number of bodily systems are involved in male erections, including emotions, muscles, nerves, and hormones. Erectile dysfunction (ED) may be caused by a combination of physical and psychological issues, including stress, anxiety, or depression, clogged blood vessels, heart disease, and certain prescription medications. The ingredients in this 100% natural energizing formula have long been used in Ayurvedic medicine as a male aphrodisiac (Vrysa), and also in other types of traditional herbal medicine to help enhance physical capacity and performance in times of physical stress. This is a powerful herbal formula, but please note that it is for 10 capsules. If you're looking to combine larger quantities of nutritional supplements, please see L-CitrullinePycnogenolPanax ginseng, and Tribulus terrestris. A good treatment plan for ED includes lifestyle factors, such as diet and exercise. Limit highly processed foods and sugar, deep fried food and alcohol consumption, and replace them with fruits, vegetables and organic foods. Engage in aerobic exercise to increase blood flow and prevent chronic diseases such as obesity and atherosclerosis. And improve your treatment plan by supplementing it with Vivamax, which contains botanicals that improve sexual health in men.

Solaray-Vitex Berry 400mg

9.000 د.ك
Support a healthy hormone balance during premenstrual syndrome , menstruation and menopause and promote a sense of well-being and radiant health. HOW TO USE : Take one capsule twice daily with a meal .